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Best Photo Editing App for smart phone

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Face Swap Live Lite
With this app, you can swap your face with that of anyone. You can put your face onto that of a celebrity's body or just swap your friends' faces for fun. It is very easy to swap faces in photos and videos as well.


This app will let you turn any photo into a piece of art that resembles the paintings by well-known artists. It lets you upload your photos on any network mimicking the styles of the popular artists.


This is a free app available on both iOS and Android. It will help you find emojis that can more accurately represent your emotions and thoughts. It can also turn your photos into a collage of tiny icons.


This is also a free app that will help you take a photo at sunset. It will help you be letting you know when exactly the sunset will happen, so this way, you can take the best photo that is possible. All you need to do is just search for where you are and explore the timeline to know the time of sunset.


This will help you look for the perfect cover art. At times, inspiration might come from weird places such as Street View of Google Maps. It is actually a Tumblr blog that is dedicated to gathering images that could pass for photography from Street View.

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